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Since many geospatial users do not have access to expensive software, free-use software such as Google Earth have become more valuable in terms of getting information out to the users. Some faculty at the UND has been working with Google Earth since Beta 0.8 in June 2005. Since then they have created content for the tool and incorporated the tool into research, curriculum development, and emergency response and recovery. We have made an effort to provide many of our geospatial data in Google Earth KML* format so more people have access.

Should you require additional files for public use such as community outreach, schools, not-for-profit, etc. please contact us for help.

Red River of the North

Guide to geology of north dakota


*KML is a simple XML-based file called “keyhole markup language”. Occasionally, there are KMZ files available. These are compressed (PK-ZIP) KML files and require no special instructions to be used in Google Earth. They save space and decrease download times.

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